About us

Hello Welcome on our website IDC On the island, i am Remco T Hooft PADI Course Director and owner of RnG Diving in Breda the Netherlands. Together with the Staff from our partners are we working together with other dive centers around the world.

We are 3 Months per year on the beautiful Dutch Caribbean island Curacao. We are working together with our Partner Epsilon Diving Center. were we conduct the IDC

Yahya Landman PADI Master Instructor EFR Instructor Trainer # 379869

“Let me introduce myself; my name is Yahya Landman. I’m originally from the Netherlands and have now been living in Curacao since  2018, I decided to take a diving course to experience the hype that everyone was talking about. It only took me 20 minutes on my first Open Water dive to realize that you can have a fantastic career in this amazing underwater realm. From that moment on, I actively pursued my career in diving.

I hold a tremendous passion towards diving which I have been able to share with others during my teaching and turning hundreds of students into divers. It didn’t take long to decide to advance in my career and become a PADI Master Instructor. Now I’m able to teach the success, to divers and pro’s.

Come and join us for your professional diving training at RnG diving and let us teach you an unique program here at the beautiful sunny Caribbean island  that far exceeds the minimum standards of the dive industry”