DAN: Divers Alert Netwerk


DAN Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP)

     Dan Diving First Responder (DFR)

     The IDC On the island specialized DAN Comprehensive Training Packages………….!!

The IDC On the island specialized DAN DEMP and DRF courses are packages of standard DAN courses combined to reduce repetition….therefore making a more complete Diving Emergency range of programs!

 DAN offers several dive-specific first aid training programs. Because these courses are often taught independently, there is repetitive information and skills. the DAN Diving Emergency Management Provider and the DAN Diving First Responder Course allows DAN Instructors to offer an integrated course that allows divers to learn the information and skills in DAN Training Programs, at a significant savings of time, but without sacrificing any skills.

While the Diving Emergency Management Provider course combines the Oxygen, AED and HMLI course, the DAN Diving First Responder course also includes the skills and knowledge from the Advanced OxygenProvider course.