We have year-round availability for Divemaster internship candidates.

If you are passionate about diving, underwater life and you want to learn more about the marine environment whilst getting in plenty of diving, then a Divemaster internship is just right for you.

Are you friendly, energetic and a people person? If so we will be happy to have you join our team and guide you through all the necessary courses and programs to become a qualified PADI Divemaster.

You will have the opportunity to learn on the job by assisting our instructors in our day to day activity.

Divemaster internship, what language?

Our Divemaster internship is given in English, however, our team also speaks Spanish, Dutch and German & Papiamiento

Divemaster internship, we offer:

How long will it take?

Depending on your level of qualification, the Divemaster internship program can take between 4 to 14 weeks. This includes 2 days off per week, these days will be flexible during each week depending on the dive program. This gives you a perfect amount of time to discover what beautiful secrets Curacao has to offer! This program can be customised to comfort your needs.

PADI Master instructor

During your Divemaster internship, you will be guided through by PADI Master instructor Yahya Landman #379869, who has many years of experience in diving and the international diving industry.

We want to make clear that our internship is not looking for cheap labor to work in our dive center. We offer a very high quality Divemaster internship, that is taught on the job at our dive center, tailor made according to your qualification, experience and learning ability, with no short cuts!

To maintain these high standards, we have made it mandatory to undertake a test dive to see the candidates his or her dive skills , which is without doubt and we are proud to say, an extended and more in-depth version of the peak performance bouyancy as part of the Divemaster internship with us.

This course is not given in PADI standard for Divemaster and will increase the time for qualification by two days, but it will significantly enhance your skills as a diver and future Divemaster. Total duration for (Trim and Buoyancy) workshop is 1 day1 and includes 2 dives. We add this course into the internship as by the end of the course you will not just be a PADI Divemaster, you will look and feel like a PADI professional.

Divemaster internship, you will

During the Divemaster internship program you will take part in our daily activities such as, guided dives, Discover scuba diving and other courses, maintance& equioment repair cylinder filling, socializing and assisting divers as needed. You will be diving frequent, learning from our other staff who you will work alongside. This will allow you to develop your diving knowledge, improve your practical skills and equipment knowledge. It will give you an understanding of what other divers expect from a PADI Professional Divemaster.

Committed to Excellence

Our Padi 5 Star IDC Resort assures you will be getting a top quality PADI Divemaster Internship program managed by full time dive professionals. Our expertise and time spent in the field of professional diving are something we are extremely proud of here at Caribbean Sea Sports.

During your Divemaster internship program you will be able to experiment using different types of kit configuration like the standard BCD with single cylinder and wing system with long hose.

There will also be a workshop about twin cylinders and sidemount configuration. This will give you an idea of what is available on the diving market, what the latest dive equipment is and what is more suitable for certain types of diving. This workshop is taught by someone who has a passion and great knowledge of Technical diving. Who has not just been taught it, but experienced it and used it all over the world, for decades. You will be able to assist divers whatever their kit configuration and gain the confidence to give advice when they are choosing a set up.

The location

Our Facility and dive center is located at the Resort of Acoya , in the south coast of Curacao, Dutch Caribbean the most popular tourist destination on the island. We are a few hundred diving locations.

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For training we have a pool and dive site with in 5 min driving. which is perfect, but we also like to explore and dive the many other dive sites on the coast. We dive from the shore and training with us will never be boring!


We know looking for accommodation in a different country can be confusing and time consuming if you do not know what you are looking for. In order to make your life easier and less stressful, we are more than happy to offer accommodation in Acoya Resort. Or if you have any questions about where is best situated for both travelling to the dive center and exploring the tropical island, then just ask!

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There are daily flights to Curacao,from Amsterdam, Panama, Miami,


RnG Diving is a Five Star IDC Center Dive Five star dive Center, we would like to point out we run our internship a lot differently to many other Centers.

We are a center that wants our students to learn each and every day. However, also understand that we would never give tasks we would not do ourselves.

Here are a few examples of what we do not do;

We do not turn our interns into tank monkeys. This is an internship not a cheap labour camp. (Tank Monkey = Someone who just moves all the cylinders to and from the compressor and taking them on and off the boat/van)

We do not just do dives for the sack of diving. The time spent under the surface has a purpose and you will achieve goals after each dive!

We do not dive in the same location, repeatedly, day after day. To become a well-trained diving professional, you must explore different diving spots with different layouts and challenges.

Every dive you do will be with a trained professional. We do not allow other students to train each other.

We cannot stress enough how we want each student that comes through RnG diving,s Dive Center that you feel like you are part of the team. We can all learn from each other, no matter how much experience someone has. You are not a number, but valued team member that can bring a different look on situations.

There are no hidden costs in our internship. Please read our text to make sure you know what you will be paying for, EVERYTHING is there.

Why Curacao

Choosing Curacao as a destination for your Divemaster internship is like going on an extended vacation in paradise. Afbeelding met natuur, oceaan, resort, kust

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The weather on the island is always good, with temperatures between 30 degrees the hole year around. The water temperature is a minimum of 25 degrees in February and highs average 29 degrees till late October. Underwater visibility ranges from 25 to 50 + meters and there is plentiful marine life and stunning scenery for you to enjoy during your time with us.

Time Off

During your time off you have the opportunity to explore this beautiful island snd explore the real caribbean vibe. What this does is relax your mind of just the diving world and enjoy what the island has to offer. Our team has a vast knowledge of the island. Ask them about what to do during your down time. What we love about Divemaster internship, our goal

Our goal is not only to pass you as a PADI Divemaster but to help you succeed in your career as a PADI professional after you finish your internship.

This PADI Divemaster internship will get you to the first leadership level in the PADI professional system. With this certification you will be qualified to guide and organize the logistics for certified divers, assist Instructors during PADI courses, conduct scuba reviews, skin diving etc.

The aftermath

We are proud of our interns and what they achieve by the end of the course. We will help with the continuation of your journey. We will help you structure your diving CV and look for jobs around the world with you.

Just because the Internship is finished does not mean we will stop helping you. You will always be part of the RnG Caribbean Dive Team!

Divemaster internship, 4 options

We offer the internship program in 4 options; the best choice for you depends if you are a certified diver or if you do not have any dive qualification