PADI Divemaster

THE Caribbean DIVEMASTER Program

This program is not just about the diving, you will develop leadership skills and social skills.  You will be trained in reacting to and dealing with emergencies (EFR). Helping distressed divers and learning about the physics, physiology, and theory of diving. All the while you will be spending an amazing time on, the tropical paradise island with a chilled Caribbean social scene and indescribable natural beauty.

Just imagine living in a tropical paradise with fun-filled days and exciting Caribbean nights. Experience the freedom and happiness and change your life. Should you wish to stay after during your Divemaster training, you will be qualified to gain paid work as a Divemaster at one of the many dive resorts located on Curacao. Or perhaps follow a Technical diving  course or even become a Dive instructor.

You can also add on an underwater Photography  course if you further wish to extend your interest in diving or subsidies your travels as this is a paid internship.


Hundreds of travelers come yearly to the Dutch Caribbean each year Curacao is the biggest island of the ABC islands. with the intention of doing a scuba diving course. For many the open water and advanced course is their intention, however, Curacao has an addictive atmosphere. The lifestyle and setting offer an incredible experience. People become so enthralled by the scuba diving and the lifestyle on offer that they end up prolonging their stay to train up to Divemaster level and sometime Scuba diving instructor. The Divemaster course brings you a slice of this amazing lifestyle. You get to enjoy your days and nights, enjoying what you enjoy doing: Scuba diving and living on a paradise Island, making lots of friends and feeling good! Cost of living are affordable and fun on the island is forever present. , all you have to think about is how to get the most amount of fun out of your day. With the Caribbean  Divemaster program, you can stay a while in a tropical paradise not only gaining more diving experience but thoroughly enjoying life.

Should you wish to stay in the Caribbean after your Divemaster training, you will be qualified to gain paid work as a Divemaster at one of the many dive resorts located in the Caribbean.

IDC on the island works hard to provide High quality courses and be a  respected Divemaster training school. We Have as school has an impeccable safety record and maintains very high standards on all Scuba dive courses, equipment, and staff.

There will be a Course Director and Master instructor with over 20 years of dive experience guiding your education. You will be trained by experienced professionals who go above and beyond in all aspects of teaching. You’ll also be assisting the instructor team as they teach real customers.


You will also get to participate in the monthly Eco Day events offered by our rep on the island. the eco day is a day of beach clean ups, reef-cleaning dives and an underwater coral health watch. You’ll feel great making a difference and keeping the island clean. We end the day in classic on the Caribbean style…Team BBQ, volleyball, sunset and beers.
The idea is to make you the best possible dive professional you can be while still having the time of your life.

Unlike other Divemaster training courses, you will not be expected to spend time hanging around a shop working, giving you more time to enjoy your Caribbean experience. The accommodation in Dreams resort  is also of a very high standard complimenting your stay in paradise perfectly.


During your Divemaster training, you will discover a mix of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life from sharks to turtles and thousands of fish. The sites vary in depth from just a few meters down to 40 meters, there is little current and the water temperature is always warm, ranging from about 27C to 32C offering amazing conditions to dive every day of your Divemaster course!


For our Caribbean Divemaster program, we use the PADI training accreditation. PADI is widely considered to be one of the top dive training agencies in the dive industry.

Going from zero to hero means you will gain the following PADI dive accreditation.

  • Open water
  • Advanced Open Water
  • Rescue Diver / EFR
  • Divemaster